Lady Milne Trophy Overall

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Scotland Scotland72.13 1
England England68.82 2
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland58.87 3
Wales Wales39.34 4
SBU SBU37.91 5
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland22.93 6

Cross Table of Completed Matches

ScotlandEnglandRepublic of IrelandWalesSBUNorthern IrelandTotalPos
Scotland Scotland16.2410.6515.2415.7614.2472.13 1
England England3.7618.9712.0514.2419.8068.82 2
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland9.351.0314.0915.5018.9058.87 3
Wales Wales4.767.955.9114.965.7639.34 4
SBU SBU4.245.764.505.0418.3737.91 5
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland5.760.201.1014.241.6322.93 6


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